Our experienced midwives and healthcare professionals offer a range of services to help you on your pregnancy and parenting journey



Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that can be used to help ease aches and pains in pregnancy. Our professional Midwife led acupuncture service can help with pelvic pain, back pain and SPD and provides an alternative and natural way to help our bodies adjust to pregnancy.

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Acupressure is a complementary therapy similar to acupuncture. Acupressure is used in pregnancy to ease pregnancy related symptoms and can help induce labour if you are overdue.

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Antinatal classes

Antenatal classes and support

Our Midwife led antenatal classes offer a wealth of advice and support for new and expectant parents. Want to know how to change a nappy? Or what temperature should a baby bath be? We can help! Simply message us with any questions you may have and our qualified Midwives will get back to you!

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These specialist Aquanatal classes combine a safe level of exercise in pregnancy with the supportive effect of water, whilst also being fun. This perfect combination helps to prepare you mentally and physically for labour,  boosts your stamina for daily life, helps you keep fit in pregnancy, and can improve your posture, balance, and abdominal and back strength.

Exercise is important in pregnancy and our Midwives can advise you on the best ways to exercise in pregnancy.To find out more about our Midwife led aquanatal service contact us



Our aromatherapy services are tailored to you and your individual needs. Aromatherapy can help in pregnancy, labour and beyond and is a great addition to use along with the other holistic therapies our Midwives offer.

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Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Our Midwife led baby massage classes can provide many benefits. These benefits include providing relief from tummy pains such as constipation, wind and colic, teething pains and congestion from colds. Baby massage can really enhance the bond between parent and baby and help the parent to understand their baby’s communications. Our Midwife led baby massage classes provide valuable advice that you can use to help soothe and relax your baby as they grow.

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Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga uses movement and beneficial stretching to help to stimulate your baby’s nervous system and strengthen their muscular system. This development helps with balance and body awareness which are vital to develop more complex movements, gross motor skills and co-ordination.The use of song promotes your baby’s language development and rhythm. Certain moves and holds can also help relieve digestive pains or the discomfort of colic and wind. Mums also have the chance to take part in restorative yoga inspired poses, breathe deeply, and make new friends too. 

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Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support

Getting the right breastfeeding support after you have had a baby is so important. Breastfeeding support can sometimes be the difference between continuing to breastfeed and giving up. At Mum, Midwife & Me, we do not judge your decision and want our mums to choose to breastfeed, bottle feed or both because they can, not because they have to. So, what could be better than receiving this much needed breastfeeding support from a Midwife? If you feel that you are having problems breastfeeding or need some breastfeeding advice from one of our Midwives you can contact us



The pregnancy journey can be filled with an array of emotions and you may feel anxious or stressed. Talking through your concerns will not only help you feel calmer but your baby too. 

Our experienced and qualified counsellor, Naomi with 27 years’ experience, can help you overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, postnatal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

We also offer specialist support for parents who have experienced a miscarriage or complications in pregnancy. For more information, please contact us

Fertility Support

Fertility support

We understand that the journey to parenthood can be a complicated one and our Midwives can offer a range of professional support to help aid your fertility journey. To find out more, please contact us



Hypnobirthing is often described as a form of daydreaming. Hypnobirthing techniques can help aid the birthing process and help empower women to have a positive birth experience. Our Midwife led hypnobirthing classes can also be used after your baby is born.

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Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese method used to turn baby from the breech position to the head first position in pregnancy. Our moxibustion technique is Midwife led and is a completely external and non-invasive procedure.

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Did you know that reflexology has been clinically proven to help ease pregnancy related symptoms? Our Midwife led reflexology service can help bring on labour if you are overdue too. To find out more about our Midwife led reflexology service contact us



Can a Midwife can offer reiki? Oh yes! We offer Midwife led reiki appointments with Midwife Sarah who can help you to overcome fertility problems or help pregnancy related symptoms with this Japenese form of energy healing.

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ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scan

All of our ultrasound scans and tests are performed by our experienced Midwife and qualified sonographer, Midwife Amanda. We can offer gender scans in Kent in our private practice in Bredhurst, Gillingham. We can also offer reassurance scans from 6 weeks of pregnancy and well woman scans if you are thinking of undergoing fertility treatment.

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