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Mum Midwife and Me Amanda

Meet midwife Amanda

Mum, Midwife & Me was Midwife Amanda’s brainchild. Her vision – to help and support as many parents as possible on their fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey by offering much needed professional services all in one place.

Midwife Amanda is a qualified and experienced midwife and sonographer and can provide the following personal one-to-one services:

-Fertility / well woman scans
-Early pregnancy dating scans from 6 weeks
-Reassurance and growth scans
-Gender / 3D4D scans
-NIPT Downs Screening and Blood tests

All ultrasound scans are continuing to take place throughout the pandemic at our clinic in Bredhurst, Kent with relevant precautions and social distancing measures in place.

Mum Midwife and Me - Ellie

meet midwife ellie

Midwife Ellie is our qualified hypnobirthing teacher and is also still working as a midwife in the NHS today. She uses hypnobirthing techniques to empower all women to have a positive birthing experience in whichever capacity that might be.

Midwife Ellie can offer the following services:

– Antenatal hypnobirthing classes for parents
– Mindful breastfeeding classes
– 3 step rewind for birth trauma

Due to the pandemic, all classes will take place online.

Mum Midwife and Me - Henrietta

Meet Midwife Henrietta

Midwife Henrietta has been a qualified midwife for 14 years and also runs baby massage, baby yoga and aquanatal classes. She can provide much needed advice of the dos and don’ts in pregnancy including advice about exercise in pregnancy.

Henrietta can also help support new parents with their babies in the first weeks and months of their life such as helping with solutions to colic and teething.

Midwife  Henrietta is passionate about the 1001 critical days from conception to your baby’s 2nd birthday, where the experiences baby is exposed to can shape the physical and mental well being of the future adult.

Midwife Henrietta’s classes support and empower you on your journey from pregnancy to early parenthood. 

Midwife Henrietta can offer the following classes:-

– Aquanatal classes
– Baby massage classes
– Baby yoga classes

Due to the pandemic, all classes with the exception of aquanatal classes will take place online. Unfortunately, aquanatal natal classes will not be running until government guidelines allow.

Mum Midwife and Me - Nicki

meet midwife nicki

Midwife Nicki is our qualified midwife and antenatal class instructor. She has worked as both a midwife in the community and in hospital settings. Becoming a parent can be a scary and daunting journey but Midwife Nicki can help support parents both in pregnancy and with their new parenting journey, answering any questions you may have.

Midwife Nicki can help support families who need information about the following:-

– Information on the stages of pregnancy and signs of labour
– Your birth options
– Support for new parents in the early days with your baby
– Breastfeeding support

Due to the pandemic, all support will be online until government guidelines allow our antenatal classes in person to resume.

Mum Midwife and Me - Sarah

Meet midwife Sarah

Sarah has been a qualified midwife for 12 years and has 3 daughters. She specialises in a whopping 7 different services alongside her midwifery knowledge which include the following:-
– Acupuncture
– Acupressure
– Reiki
– Reflexology
– Aromatherapy
– Hypnobirthing
– Moxibustion

Midwife Sarah can particularly help if you are pregnant and suffering from
– Pelvic Pain
– Back Pain
– Tokophobia (Fear of Childbirth)
– Other pregnancy related symptoms you may be struggling with.

Midwife Sarah can also help with treatments to aid fertility, postnatal recovery and breastfeeding support

Due to the pandemic, all support will take place online.

Mum Midwife and Me - Naomi

Meet Counsellor Naomi

Counsellor Naomi is our qualified counsellor with 27 years’ experience. We know how important your maternal and paternal mental health is and she can support you on your fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey. Counsellor Naomi is also an ambassador for the baby loss charity Abigail’s Footsteps and can provide specialist counselling should you have experienced a miscarriage or complications in your pregnancy.

Counsellor Naomi can offer both online and face to face counselling for the following:-

– Perinatal mental health support
– Postnatal mental health support
– Anxiety and depression
– Specialist baby loss support
– Support for parents with complications in pregnancy
– Support for parents with disabled children
– Rewind therapy for trauma

All of the support we offer is aimed to work alongside the care given by your normal maternity care provider.


All of our midwives and healthcare professionals are qualified and experienced in their specialist field. They are each registered with the needed professional bodies and are fully insured.

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